Greater Transparency

When you buy a life insurance plan online, you have the opportunity to assess and go through each benefits and features at your own pace. You can also check the exclusions and conditions of the policy with the available policy document.

You can clarify and verify your findings with the 24×7 customer service and regulators before purchase.

Ease of Purchase

The online purchase process of life insurance policies is a simple step by step process. You can pause and save your application midway to complete it later. If you are eligible, you can even avoid a visit to a clinic for a medical check-up, which will be completed either online or on the telephone.

Paperless Process

The entire application process for life insurance policies is paperless, and you do not need to submit or send a paper document anywhere. You need only scanned copies of your documents.


With a completely online application process, you can be sure to deny unauthorized access to your documents to anyone. As you upload all the documents directly to the secured servers of the insurer.

Easy Management

Online life insurance policies are easy to manage. If you have more than one life insurance plans, you can use electronic insurance account (EIA) to manage all of them from a single portal. EIA also helps you to appoint an administrator for the life insurance policies in your absence. The administrator can only file the claims for the policies and cannot change nomination or other details.
Documents Required to Buy a Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance companies require certain documents when you apply for a life insurance policy. These documents can be directly uploaded onto the website in case of online policy application, or can be submitted to a policy manager in case of offline purchases. Apart from these, you will be needed to fill in information such as personal details, lifestyle related details, health details, etc.

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